A Bookmaker Is Underdog Story

We all love underdog stories, where the least expected to win takes a long shot and succeeds to the great surprise of everyone, where the least known team, who nobody thought had a shot at the tournament starts to outplay the likely team to win, where the unknown player steps into the spotlight and shines, and when all the odds seem impossible, it happens: David defeats Goliath, Saints win the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay Rays make it to the World Series, the Wildcats make an improbable tournament run. Believe it or not, local bookies can also tap into Cinderella is bibidi babidi boo, beating the big sportsbooks and going from dark horse to top bookie of the year.


The NCAA is perhaps one of the best sources of underdog stories. This is where college teams, most previously unknown, get their time to shine and show what they are made of–often times, getting a lot of fame in the process. This means for you as a bookie that many of your players will start betting like crazy for popular and unpopular teams alike. And the bookies that are not well prepared for this peak in wagering activity, with proper software and resources, will not be able to handle their business like champions.


We all love upsets, but most importantly, we love getting them right. For a local bookie to become truly successful and wear the precious glass slipper of bookmaking, becoming a full swan and flying to victory, he has to be prepared. And the best way to have access to top of the line software and services without spending a fortune is certainly going price per head.


Price per Head is an organization committed to provide top quality and cost-effective bookmaking solutions that can allow sportsbook businesses to grow and provide the best service to their betting clients. Price per Head is goal is to make life easier for entrepreneurs, relieving them from such tasks as keeping booking notes by hand, dealing with clients, researching game information and organizing data. Part of Price per Head’s comprehensive solution includes live reports through which the bookmaker can keep an eye on what goes on with the games and figures. Additionally, the bookmaker will have full control of his agents, ensuring smooth communication and performance. Price per Head services support wagering on every type of sports competition, including NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, boxing, horse racing, hockey, golf, and many more.

David defeated Goliath with a sling and a stone, Cinderella wore the glass slipper, Saints won the Super Bowl and you can be the next big bookmaker with Price per Head.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level do not hesitate to visit us.



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