A Poignant Love Story

Around the third century AD Rome, the tyrant Claudius in power. At that time, both inside and outside Rome, frequent wars, times of hardship. To complement the troops, the war in the end, Claudius ordered that all
men within certain age, must enter the Roman army, to serve for the country life. Since then, the husband left his wife and young leave the lovers. So the whole of Rome will be shrouded in the lingering of the Acacia. In this regard, very angry tyrant. In order to achieve their own ends, he even ordered a ban on people at weddings, or even destroy the marriage requirements have been married. However, the tyrant can not ban love.

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Until the warden knew this, he was furious, accusing him of seducing his daughter. He immediately confessed to the warden of the girls their own feelings, moved by his devout elderly, had agreed to allow them to continue
contacts. He and the girl’s feelings more and more, the power of love almost made him forget they are in prison. One day he found a way to walk to cure eye herbal girl, a slight medicine, he was ecstatic. Since then he concentrate on the boil every day herbs. However, the girls also did not wait to light, he was so to the verdict – death! The day finally came, he was escorted out of the cell to the execution ground, the execution officer issued a final order.

In the final moments of life, a miracle happened, the girl’s eyes see again, and now tumble came to the execution ground, shouting all the way to his name, his eyes moist. Girl rushed to his side, watching his first and last time I saw the lover, tears rolled down the ground Pusu Su. They hugged tightly, and who is not willing to release. They all know what will be lost once the release, how much they want time to be able to always stay at this heady moment. However, the pace of time can not stop it, he lost his life. Soon after, the girl also died of depression.

The youth are a highly respected monk, called St. ? Valentine. He could not bear to see a pair of companion to this life to death, so as to help the couple come to ask God to preside over the secret marriage ceremony. Upon learning of the tyrant, and put him into prison, tortured to death. Brother died that day is February 14, AD 270 years on February 14. People to commemorate the courage to struggle with the tyrant, as well as their love, making Feb. 14 a holiday. Known as the “Valentine’s Day.”

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