A special patient story

Ever had a special practice member that made an impact on your office and your heart?  Well, I’ve had many of them over the years, but one comes to mind today.  I’ll change the name for privacy reasons, so let’s say his name was Jonathan Brane.
Jonathan was a young, African American boy with Sickle Cell Anemia.  He came to me as a referral and when he entered my office he was weak, grey in color, and his parents the escorted him had all but given up on bettering his condition.  Pallis Chiropractic was basically his last resort.  I started seeing Jonathan every single day (yes even on the weekends…that’s how committed to my patients I was) for weeks straight.  He was seeing great improvements, and was getting to know my family well in the process.  It was like he was my own kid and it was my responsibility to bring health back to him so he stood a living chance.  Well, it was my responsibility.  Most chiropractor patients don’t realize the responsibility they have to society, but that’s for another time…
One day, Jonathan was hospitalized when his disease again broke out terribly.  I was crushed.  All that work and the improvements…and he still gets sick?  I brought my daughter into the hospital to visit him each night after adjusting hours and to show his gratitude, Jonathan gave her a pair of hockey gloves that she later went on to play with for years and years, always thinking of him as she stepped onto the ice.  Just goes to show how special relationships can truly be.  But back to Jonathan and his condition…his time spent in the hosptial was shorter than ever.  He recovered faster than ever.
He was back in the office before I knew it. My adjustments put life and health back into his body and spirit and each time he was hospitalized thereafter got shorter and shorter in duration, and the frequency decreased significantly.  Now he goes YEARS without an outbreak!  All because I built a lasting relationship with him and put forth the extra effort to gain his trust.  He would have never stayed with me if I only saw him like a regular patient, and who’s to say if he’d still be living?
It’s just something to think about…building relationships that go beyond the office walls into a magical, meaningful place are the key to your success as a wellness DC.  You’ll get referral after referral, which means new patients, all for putting a little extra effort into how you treat your practice members.  I built my whole practice on referrals from patients I had created a special bond with.  Just imagine if you could do this with even just a fraction of your current members….

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