Love Fortune Teller By Donna Psychic

There is a very close correlation between fortune and love. It gets clear from the fact that most of the questions that a fortune teller get concerns love. In more ways than one it establishes the fact that most of the people look upon their fortune from the glass ceiling of love. That is why… Read more »

Sell a story

For many years I worked as an agony aunt and during that time was constantly asked by the Press to tell them this and that so that they could print it. Sometimes that was fine and no problem and it may have been beneficial to me,  but at other times it was a waste of… Read more »

Sell my story

Having worked as an agony aunt and writer for over thirty years I am in the ideal situation to help you with your story. Whether it is medical, emotional, sad, happy, romantic, it does not matter. So long as it is something that many other people would be fascinated to read. Most journalists are desperate… Read more »

different story

The hides say a different story this season with more of the lamb skin and cowhide and fur in use this year and one that is approaching. The most common in menswear is lambskinMoncler jackets Coats & Jackets considered better than its cowhide counterpart. Lambskin moncler showcases a more elegant, smooth and refined look. Moncler… Read more »

My Suv Story

I don’t know what it’s like out where you are but in California that article is dead square on. Oh, sure, there are still the few people that buy an SUV because they have a legitimate need for the things but SUV sales are 100 times those uses. The Cadillac Escalades and Lincoln Navigators are… Read more »

Widows Story

Talking about the widows story, the first story tells the plight of African widows so touchy-feely that you cannot afford to with hold a tear especially if you are the emotional type. This is a story that begins with a normal day life and ushers you into the regular life of the poor African, taking… Read more »

A Toxic Story

Back in about 1990, I worked for two weeks at McGill University, in the department of Physical Plant. During those two weeks, my boss spent most of his time out of the office, and I was left pretty much on my own with little to do, other than answering calls from enraged people around the… Read more »

Creation’s Story

 When you finally make it home from your grueling day, you walk into the kitchen, set your keys down and notice a freshly baked German chocolate cake sitting there on the counter. The note says, “I made this just for you, hope you enjoy. Love.” Your first response, a smile followed by a tilted head… Read more »

Christmas Story

Since time immemorial there have been winter stories. Even before the original Christmas story the winter time has been a time for tales of heart warming sentiment, magic and unbounded imagination. No doubt the short winter days and long nights for civilisations distant from the equator were conducive to storytelling in days of old. With… Read more »

story books

Was there nothing more supreme than snuggling down under the poofy down or fuzzy blanket, sipping cocoa with marshmallow, and listening to Mother, Dad, or a beloved elder learn to us from our favourite story books as we settled in for a nap or a full night sleep? Is there nothing as rewarding of nostalgia… Read more »