The Story Of Austen

Catherine’s case of mistaken identity by association, as it were, is the understood catalyst for the novel’s plot, since the notion that she is the Aliens’ heir explicitly motivates both Thorpe’s initial pursuit as well as General Tilney’s subsequent invitation to Northanger. Such a conjecture about a young woman’s sudden wealth from distant relations is,… Read more »

The Story Of Guyon

Shortly after Guyon’s temptation at the fountain, we discover such unpinned armour ‘hong upon a tree’ as Verdant sleeps in Acrasia’s lap, a picture that coincides with Stephen Gosson’s observation that revelry has transformed English ‘courage to cowardice’, so that ‘our wrestling at arms is turned to wallowing in ladies lappes’. Indeed, that Spenser has… Read more »

The Ultra Marathon story

I seemly consider myself rather unbreakable. Certainly, I had experienced some injuries in the past such as dislocating my shoulder  a few times but insteading of fixing them by surgery, it always recover quickly. I know I’m still very young. When I played boxing, I had got a few fat lips, black eyes, abrations, swellings… Read more »

Halloween’s True Story

Just few people know about the entire story of its origins. In this article, I will tell the real true story of  Halloween. The story of Halloween story begins over 2,000 years ago in one area that today comprises the United Kingdom, Ireland, and a section of France where a group of people known as… Read more »

The Johnny Story

I am an author and a professional speaker. I travel all over the world speaking on the topics of Motivating and Retaining your Employees, Building Customer and Employee Loyalty, and Regenerating the Spirit in your Workplace. Several years ago I was asked to speak to 3000 employees of a large supermarket chain in the Midwest,… Read more »

The Story of Nike

The Nike brand is perhaps familiar to almost everyone. Its founder were coach Bill Bowerman together with track athlere Phillip Knight of the University of Oregon. This brand was established in 1964. known as Blue Ribbon Sports initially. The word “Nike” means Goddess of Victory in Greek. When starting to operate, Nike acted as a… Read more »

Story about Jose Canseco

The Great Lon Simmons once said Jose Canseco has the tools to be one of the greatest players in the history of MLB….  Where did it all go wrong?  I grew up an A’s fan, but didn’t go to my first game until I was 14.  1988 was the year.  I remember back then the… Read more »

Love Fortune Teller By Donna Psychic

There is a very close correlation between fortune and love. It gets clear from the fact that most of the questions that a fortune teller get concerns love. In more ways than one it establishes the fact that most of the people look upon their fortune from the glass ceiling of love. That is why… Read more »

Sell a story

For many years I worked as an agony aunt and during that time was constantly asked by the Press to tell them this and that so that they could print it. Sometimes that was fine and no problem and it may have been beneficial to me,  but at other times it was a waste of… Read more »

Sell my story

Having worked as an agony aunt and writer for over thirty years I am in the ideal situation to help you with your story. Whether it is medical, emotional, sad, happy, romantic, it does not matter. So long as it is something that many other people would be fascinated to read. Most journalists are desperate… Read more »