Creation’s Story

¬†When you finally make it home from your grueling day, you walk into the kitchen, set your keys down and notice a freshly baked German chocolate cake sitting there on the counter. The note says, “I made this just for you, hope you enjoy. Love.” Your first response, a smile followed by a tilted head and pursed lips, ‘who sent this’ you wonder. You think a minute and speculate but no one really comes to mind. Somewhere in the hours proceeding this moment, someone had gone to great lengths to assemble all of the ingredients, mixed together in just the right amounts, baked for the exact amount of time, then carefully cooled and added the icing.

You think to yourself, wondering who do I have to thank. You make a few call, the obvious ones but they all turn out to be dead ends. Well, they didn’t sign the card, maybe they want to remain anonymous. Still, curiosity is about to get the best of you. After calling the usual suspects you cannot restrain yourself any longer, a glass of milk and nice big slice. You’re in heaven, German Chocolate just happens to be your favorite. You wish you knew but your beginning to wonder if you’ll ever know. The mystery plagues you on into the night as you take one more sliver before retiring.

You start your day with the usual morning hustle and on your way out the door you decide to take the cake in and share it with your co-workers. Arriving just before everyone else, you drop the cake off in the break room and start your day. It’s busy and you lose track of the time, you’re kinda getting hungry and you head back to the break room, others have also made their way back and someone ask, Who brought the cake? In an instant you decided to remain anonymous and see how everyone else handles the mystery. Some of them seem really curious, almost persistent. Finally one of the managers suggest, ‘maybe it just fell from the sky, you know things like that happen sometimes’. Poppycock, you think to yourself but still you don’t speak. Then finally someone turns to him and says ‘you don’t believe that and neither do I’. It seems that some are obsessed with figuring out the puzzle while some are just content to enjoy eating it.

In writing this article, I stopped to look up the ingredients for a German Chocolate cake; the recipe I saw had nine separate ingredients for the cake and six more for the icing. Start to finish, it takes about three hours to complete the process. In a hundred billion years on a trillion different planets the odds that a German Chocolate cake, with only fifteen separate ingredients, would fall from the sky is zero. In fact, the cake itself is proof that there is a chief.

I’m not really sure if anyone could ever convince me that the universe, the stars the planets, the earth and all of her inhabitants fell from the sky by some unknown laws of science and probability. I don’t really believe that science and discovery are the enemies of God because as long as you are asking why, when, how then your quest will ultimately lead to the same conclusion, someone’s in the kitchen.

I started nearly thirty years ago trying to get to the root of this problem. I have spent hour’s dissecting the wonders of creation like peeling back the skin on a banana and finding something incredible inside. You are reading the first in a series of articles that will be chronicling a journey through the wonders in the world around us, amazing adventures that will take us on land, in the skies and under the sea. If you want to know something about the Creator you might want to take a look at His creation. Hidden between the lines and just beneath surface are stunning revelations of intricate design revealing God’s purpose for all mankind and each of us individually. Each thread of creation has been woven to the next in order to reveal one great and awe inspiring picture. A tapestry of grand design and infinite beauty.

Today we found one of God’s lessons in a German Chocolate cake but that is only where we begin our journey.

Ask the beast and they will teach you, ask the birds of the air and they will tell you, speak to the earth and it will teach you and the fish of the sea will explain it to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the lord has done this, in whose hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind. (Job 12:7-12)
Lying in the shadow of creation, somewhere between obvious and obscure is an amazing world of beauty and design.

He paints the sky with a pastel hue. He waters the earth with mystic dew. He churns the sea, then calms the storm. He’s standing there when the babes are borne. He drives the mountains into the sky. Then counts your tears each time you cry. The stars He hung in the dark night sky, that light the way for both you and I. To Him the birds will sing all day, so He makes a puddle and He lets them play. He rules over all from His heavenly throne, and smiles a bit when He sees you’ve grown. Creation speaks of grand design, when we peer in, it’s Him we find. What makes Him great? What makes Him grand? These things He’s done, for love of man.

(c) Ken Price 5/16/09