My Own Acne Story

Acne is not a popular topic among many people. No one wants to mention the word because of all the negatives things associated with it. Going out to social events with acne can be terrible. You feel like everyone is staring at you, and the sad truth is most of the time everyone is. I went through it day after day, night after night. I have been in a battle with serve to medium amounts of acne for over 5 years now and it is finally starting to disappear at the age of 19. From what I remember I have had acne for my entire teenage life. The severity mimicked a roller coaster, as I had my peak and it is now beginning to gradually disappear.

Acne is not only a problem for teenagers though, even babies, adults and seniors can develop it at any time. It is estimated that Americans spend over $ 4 billion a year on skin treatment medication. We spend these millions on different remedies like soaps, cleansers, and prescriptions that people try to sell to us. While in fact some of these actually work for some people, most of them don’t work for most.

The huge market is a result of the messages and images we perceive from the media of a perfect skin movie star. The sad reality is that I too fell for this dream of perfect radiant skin and having no imperfections, something that no human beings have. I, just like millions of other Americans, became ashamed of my skins and felt looked down upon by many because I had these extremely unrealistic expectations. I believed many myths and misconceptions about skin care in general.

After years of battling I finally decided to give up and I believe it was the best choice I could have ever made for myself. I realized that my personal condition was only a phase and would move on as I grow older. I created the mindset that attractiveness is much more deeper than physical beauty. Without even knowing at the time doing this made me become more open and confident because my acne didn’t matter to me anymore. I was slowly becoming more attractive to other girls in other ways because I was no longer shy and they noticed I was a happy person, exactly what a girl wants. It came to a point where I would go an entire day without even thinking about it. Girls started noticing my intelligence and personality, I was someone very strong because I went through so much I never left things get to me. 

Since my change I have had two girl friends(something I would never have thought possible with the acne I had).  I am now able to say that my quality of life has greatly increased and I am a way more happy person. So my advice to anyone suffering acne is; accept what you have been given, be positive, and just live your life. You deserve to be happy person just like anyone else. People will love you for who you are and not about how you look. If medications fail don’t get down, your acne will go away one day. Don’t let it control your life.

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