My Suv Story

I don’t know what it’s like out where you are but in California that article is dead square on. Oh, sure, there are still the few people that buy an SUV because they have a legitimate need for the things but SUV sales are 100 times those uses.

The Cadillac Escalades and Lincoln Navigators are the SUV’s most likely to be seen in the commuter lane with one person inside and driving above 80 mph. Often you can see them swerving from lane to lane to get one more car length ahead. You’ll see them squeeze in between two cars rather than wait 30 seconds for a clearing to move up. Assholes on a scale that should be jailed, but the California Highway Patrol has relinquished the freeways to anarchy.

This would be bad enough but the driving of people like that brings out the animal in almost everyone else as well. A couple of months ago a propane tanker passed me. I was in the fast lane and he was in the commuter lane to the left. I was doing above the speed limit and the truck limit is 10 mph slower than the car limit. All traffic came to a complete stop on the freeway. That exit is where the Highway Patrol office is. And that’s what people think of the law now and the SUV is the leader of the pack.
As a former SUV owner, I can saw I’ve reformed and now drive a car (WRX). Now, when I drive over things, its relatively easy to tell what/who they are an interesting factoid related to this article: I heard to that for 2002 tax purposes, there is a “large SUV” loophole which states that if you bought a large SUV last year, you’d be able to write off the entire purchase because the vehicle can be used for work-related driving. My friend had read an article about why several politicians were now buying large SUVs- this could be part of the reason why sales of very large SUVs had increased…I heard it through the grapevine, but it was from a relatively reliable source.
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