story books

Was there nothing more supreme than snuggling down beneath the poofy down or fuzzy blanket, sipping cocoa with marshmallow, and listening to Mother, Dad, or a beloved elder learn to us from our favorite story books as we settled in for a nap or a full night sleep? Is there nothing as rewarding of nostalgia… Read more »

The Sundial Story

The sundial is the oldest known method for keeping time. The Egyptians were the first group of people that took timekeeping seriously as a culture, at least according to reasonable proof. Many historians believe that the Sumerians kept time thousands of years before the Egyptians, but their proof for this theory is merely speculative. Around… Read more »

Josh story

Josh climbed out of bed and sat on the “race car” that he and his father built before he left. He was only 7 but he remembers his father as if it were yesterday, his strong arms that used to pick him up and embrace him, the smell of his aftershave. He seems so close…… Read more »

Full Story

A lady asked her oncologist if it was all right to give her a superfood called “Blue Green Algae” to her daughter who was in advanced stages of brain cancer. Her doctor said that it wasn’t a problem and that many of his patients had used this supplement, fighting cancer, with great success. … Read more »

Story of an attempt to improve romance luck through Feng Shui

My inspiration to write about this comes from a chat with a friend A who shared about her and her friends’ encounter with a fortune teller.  She and that group of friends were all ladies, single and had not much luck in love all these while.  In fact, one of them, let’s call her B,… Read more »