Sell a story

For many years I worked as an agony aunt and during that time was constantly asked by the Press to tell them this and that so that they could print it. Sometimes that was fine and no problem and it may have been beneficial to me,  but at other times it was a waste of my time or could have done me harm.  There was one time when a reporter got it into her head that she would print a story about whether or not I was married or living with someone,  or living alone and I was not interested in having this story done.  In fact it could have been dangerous as I used to have clients come to my office in my house to sit and talk to me about their problems and get advice.  If people knew that I lived alone and knew my address,  and that I was a young woman,  it could have been a temptation for rapists, muggers, thieves and nuts.  But when I tried to explain this to the reporter she did not care and printed a story anyway.

The big differences between me and a reporter and why you can trust me are this…

1.  I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of attention from the Press and reporters wanting to do stories where it might be better to say no,  or better to go elsewhere.

2.  Having worked as an agony aunt and therapist for a long time I am a caring person who puts the welfare of people at the top of the list.

What do you think of this?

I recently had a reporter contact me. She knew that I often see or help people who have gone through problems or need advice. She tried to persuade me to persuade them to go to her and sell her their stories.  I know that some of these people are too emotionally weak or vulnerable, or it would be harmful to them in some way to go public, even if well paid. She did not care about this. To her the more the merrier because each one is a new source of money for her.

With me if it is best for you to heal first or best for you not to sell your story at all I will be honest and tell you and explain it to you.

Unless the average reporter I do not have to satisfy an editor or worry about how to pay the mortgage. I am self employed and turn away most work that comes my way.  So I will only take on your story if it is good for you.

Contact me through my website with some details such as your christian name, age, the story. All with no obligation.  You can hide your address, location, phone number.  [email protected] God bless.  Carmel

Worked as a full-time, self employed, professional writer, clairvoyant, therapist, life coach and relationship expert for many years, with famous clients, newspaper articles and offers of radio and television work. Now owns businesses and designs for and runs, preferring to have some time off and freedom rather than be working very long hours like I did before.