Story about Coffee Bags

I like coffee, and I take coffee bags not for granted, and neither should you. Today I will tell you about the coffee bags.



I understand. This is mostly expected and I understand your objections. But think about this: Each day people across the globe are craving their morning coffee. To them its a truly valuable commodity. I’ll tell you, these folk will do almost anything to get it too. Don’t tell me you haven’t scoured your sofa cushions to find some change for your morning fix. Don’t tell me your haven’t sneaked into your significant others wallet on your way to the rat race. Its really alright. As a regular drinker myself I get it. I really do. However, you my friend now have to get something. That is – If not for the coffee bag holding our precious beans we would be out a key item of our most holy our AM ritual..


Hear that light thud gently waking your ears as it drops from your palm to the counter top. Feel that sensation of the top unrolling as you let loose the tin clips. Hold it in your fingers as you take your first slow inhale of its wonderful morning aroma. Its a sensation explosion. Fellow drinkers, we would be without these experiences if chose to keep our coffee in unimaginative containers. Plastics that aren’t near as dynamic as the coffee bag nor as ascetically pleasing. Lets also not forget that without the coffee bag our magnificently brown beans would turn stale and flavorless!


Are you starting to get it?? This wonderful brown sack is as crucial to the coffee connoisseur as every other item in this great ritual.


Even if we forgot rituals, the coffee bag can also be reused. Most are even made with recycled stuff. This makes them Eco positive. It’s likely doing more on to save mother earth then most people! We could definitely take a cue from this wonderful bag of beans as to how we can sustain out habits. After all, no earth, no coffee.


Are you with me? Do you agree that coffee bags deserve our attention? Or have I spoken in vain? If I’ve somehow got to even one of you I’d feel like a better man. My hopes would be that you would see what an important role these paper wonders have to me to be in our lives. If you do, then take a cue! Find one of the great providers posted on the net and go to them. They will give you the coffee bags your spectacular little brown beans need and deserve.


Coffee Bags