Story of an attempt to improve romance luck through Feng Shui

My inspiration to write about this comes from a chat with a friend A who shared about her and her friends’ encounter with a fortune teller.  She and that group of friends were all ladies, single and had not much luck in love all these while.  In fact, one of them, let’s call her B,  had considerably worse luck in this aspect as she was hurt twice by jerks in the course of her romantic encounter.  It was one of those days when the mood beckons that B decided to pay a visit to this fortune teller for consultation and naturally brought along her group of single friends which included A who was single thenand other friends which included another Lady C.

This fortune teller’s modus operandi comes in the form of reading people’s fortune by pulling out poker cards that were shuffled by the client.  It was not clear if the ladies had unwittingly let out some information of the state of matter for B in the course of conversation with the fortune teller.  But he was able to predict that B had bad luck in romance because she always meet “bad Peach Blossom” in Chinese, which means that she, in terms of  her romantic relationship matters, always meets the bad guys.

The solution proposed by the fortune teller? A pair of scissors to be placed in the Southwest corner of the room/house of lady B.  He reasoned that the scissors will cut away the negative “Peach Blossom” and that Southwest is the love corner which is reserve for Fengshui-ing romance and love matters.  The ladies were curious and enquired whether the scissors will “cut” away all romantic relationships alike, whether it be with good or bad guys.  The fortune teller then justify by explaining to them that good guys or good romance will not be cut away and the scissors only acts on bad guys and bad relationships.

He then proceeded to display his “generous” and “altruistic” side by telling the rest of the single ladies that Southwest is the universal love corner in Fengshui.  Since the ladies are single, they can turbo-charge their love corners in the Southwest by placing flowers and crystals.  Like typical girls starved of good romance, these ladies with the exception of A, are willing to try the cures for romance recommended by this fortune teller. The reason why A did not follow the recommended cure is because the Southwest corner in her room is placed the bed, and she could not place those items suggested by the fortune teller.

Now, fast forward to 2-3 years later and what is the romantic fate of these girls?  For Ms B, she is still single and in fact, had not gone on dates with guys since activating the Southwest corner of hers.  For Ms C and the rest of the unnamed gals, they are still single.  As for Ms A, who had fortunately or unfortunately not adopted the recommended Fengshui cure, she is married! 

Now, with the facts of this case, it would strongly suggest that the Southwest may not be the universal Fengshui-able love corner.  Even if it is, it may not be effective enough just to activate this corner by flowers and crystals.  The outcome to Ms B also suggested that good guys or good romance are not invincible against the scissors as claimed by the fortune teller.  As for the outcome to Ms A, it shows that a stroke of good luck and her own sensible action in seeking romance is more effective than those poorly thought-out cures.

Is it possible to use Fengshui or Chinese Metaphysics knowledge to enhance the chances of good romantic encounters?  Yes it is possible but defnitely not as simple as activating a universal love corner!  In Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”), it is certainly possible to differentiate where the good and bad romantic encounters are coming from and tune accordingly.

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