Story about Coffee Bags

I like coffee, and I take coffee bags not for granted, and neither should you. Today I will tell you about the coffee bags.     I understand. This is mostly expected and I understand your objections. But think about this: Each day people across the globe are craving their morning coffee. To them its… Read more »

The Story About Ugg

UGG in today’s era is not a generic term for Sheepskin UGG Boots but a trademark owned by an American company. Although Australia companies are trying to fight against the exclusive right for the use of the word UGG, now the market is still flooded with a lot so-called imitations UGG boots, which are just… Read more »

Story about Jose Canseco

The Great Lon Simmons once said Jose Canseco has the tools to be one of the greatest players in the history of MLB….  Where did it all go wrong?  I grew up an A’s fan, but didn’t go to my first game until I was 14.  1988 was the year.  I remember back then the… Read more »