The Story of Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the most well-known brand in the coffee industry. The Seatle – based company is considered one of the largest multinational chains over the world and has serving the public with reined taste since 1971.

The Starbucks coffee has long been the favorite of students and professionals.  Thousands of people visit Starbucks for their delicate coffee every year.  However, aside from coffee, Starbucks also serve other drinks, including hot and cold tea, as well as cakes and pastries.  It is important to note that unlike the other coffee shops, Starbucks does not offer promotional prices on its products.  If they do, expect the prices to be much higher than its competitors.

The Starbucks coffee comes in a number of varieties; each possesses a distinct taste, aroma and flavor.  These coffees are served freshly brewed, and the varieties offered often change on a weekly basis.  This variation is highly considered by the company for one particular purpose – to provide the customers with an easy way to taste and experience a variety of blends with the Starbucks label.  Perhaps one of the most important things to note about the Starbucks coffee is that most are prepared and offered from blended products.  What I truly mean is that the Starbucks coffee is prepared with a combination of coffee and other flavors with large amount of sugar, milk and even granulated ice.

There is one particular product in the Starbucks coffee line that is really worth noting – the whole bean coffee.  This product is actually the trademark of Starbucks and is basically where the blends are prepared from.  The coffee is roasted in one of the company’s roasting plants which are nestled in a number of places in the United States and Canada. The whole bean coffee is now marketed throughout all Starbucks outlets and is even available for purchase in some grocery stores worldwide.

In Starbucks, the coffee is served in different sizes.  The customers can choose from tall, grande and venti, which are actually a replacement for the traditional “small”, “medium” and “large’.  These cup sizes of Starbucks coffee are served hot and cold, depending on what the customer prefers.  In addition, the customers can order customized coffee drinks.  Some of the customers order coffee with skim milk, while other prefers cream for a nonfat option.  There are also others who prefer to blend regular and decaffeinated coffee for a “half-caf”.  Starbucks also offers choices of whipped cream and flavored syrups for their customers to add.  And, one of the student’s and professional’s favorites, the cappuccino, is often prepared with more foam or less foam, still depending on what the customer wants.  Extra hot and soy are also available.  All of these options are offered at often high prices.


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