Widows Story

Talking about the widows story, the first story tells the plight of African widows so touchy-feely that you cannot afford to with hold a tear especially if you are the emotional type.
This is a story that begins with a normal day life and ushers you into the regular life of the poor African, taking you step by step through to where you want to be, taking you beyond your expectations and letting you shed a little tears for the African widows.
Tribulation of the African child is a touching story showcasing the ills that are overlooked in the Black continent. It is composed of two short stories- Tribulation of the African child I, which points out the plight of widows in Africa and Tribulation of the African child II, which bothers on the struggles of faced by a young African who desires to succeed in life.
You will then be bruised by the next story, simply telling you about everything, everything wrong about the African system. From how challenging it is to get the basics of life, how wicked the family bond is, how bad the educational system is, how poor the police force do their job, through to how bad the judiciary and theĀ  prisons are. You will necessarily be asking for more even though you are on to a short story.
Take a look at Tribulations of the African Child and you will not only be fascinated, your will not only be trilled, but you will be geared to do something, to take action, to contribute to and affect the world you are living in even in your life time.
Come on and lets take you to the other world where you thought you knew about, and you shall see that life even on the same planet earth, may never be the same even on the same latitude.

Widows story